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We at Wiggle Studio is one of the best Wedding Photographers in Patna, Where got all kinds of professional Photography & Videography Service.

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Pre wedding Shoot
Pre wedding Shoot
Pre wedding Shoots

We offer the best pre-wedding shoots in Patna, and we take care of the idea making, location arrangement and costume and makeup artist.

Engagement Shoots 

A lot of Indian couples prefer on day engagement photo shoots as it is celebrated with a lot of rituals among a lot of guests

Mehndi Sangeet
Mehndi Sangeet
Mehndi Sangeet Shoots

The pictures of your bridal mehndi design are some of the most essential parts of your wedding album. We Capture those rare and precious candid Mehndi sangeet photo in the frame

Haldi Shoots
Haldi Shoots
Haldi Shoots

We make your moment memorable forever. We can make your wedding shoot exclusively creative according to your wish.

Wedding Shoots 

We at Wiggle Studio capture those rare and precious wedding moments into the frame. We are one of the best Wedding Photographers in Patna.

Reception Shoots
Reception Shoots
Reception Shoots

Wiggle Studio team has done some best work in wedding shoot as well as Reception. Call us now for our services.

Birthday Portfolio Shoots
Birthday Portfolio Shoots
Birthday Shoots 

We know that children are full of energy and joy on their birthdays, our photographers have a keen eye of clicking their pictures while they're playing.

Event Shoots
Event Shoots
Event Shoots

We are a team fully dedicated to photography and the making of cinematic videos either it's a documentary or high-profile wedding film or music album.

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”Wiggle studio has one of the finest team in Patna. Their work has added a beauty to my wedding. The photography and cinematography they have done for the wedding is beyond our expectation. With the work they have done in my wedding, I have preferred them for my other family members wedding and they are also happy with their work. Apart of their amazing work, their price also comes in budget. After getting all my deliverables from wiggle for my wedding, it feels like , it was more than worth. I really recommend others to reach them if they want their wedding to be memorable. I wish them all the the best for their coming future and thank them capturing our wedding moments.”


”They made my sisters wedding look like a fairy-tale (in photographs). My sister is not a person who likes to get clicked but they were so patient with her, giving so much of time for getting that one perfect shot. They have an amazing team of creative and cooperative photographers. I must say I didn’t expect this good work from them in return of the price I paid. In short they are FAB! Thankyou so much for your professionalism, you made that day much more and relaxed.. Your work has been outstanding. was very special and just a pleasure to have your team capturing the day”


”Best wedding photographer in Patna, Bihar. Thanks for capturing those beautiful moments. It was very nice experience...they all were very humble and very interactive. I knew right from the beginning that I wanted to hire Wiggle studio team to do my wedding photography and their team has very much of talented ones. Thanks a lot ! ❤️”

- Harsh Shavarn

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Book wiggle studio as your Wedding photographer. we are ready to make your wedding awesome by making best clicks & Videos

Wedding Photography

One of the most unforgettable events in our lives is when we tie the knot and exchange vows. We all want to savour those moments again and again. As a result, it is important for the bride and groom to select the best professional wedding photographers who can artistically document their wedding ceremony. Google search by typing in "photographers near me." Or find the best wedding photographer in Patna or the top wedding photographer in Patna and watch their work. You will get a list of the best wedding photographers in Patna that helps couples find the perfect wedding photographer. You may easily select an Indian wedding photographer in Patna from the list. You can use filters to discover a photographer that fits your budget.

Wedding photography is one of the most important wedding services. photographers in Patna will assist you in capturing the most memorable moments of your special day, your wedding day. Photographs remain with you for the rest of your life, allowing you to relive special experiences over and over. And getting your moments captured in the greatest possible way is crucial to ensuring they stick in your memory in the best possible way. And you'll need an excellent wedding photographer for that. Why do you inquire? After all, the only things left after the craziness is stills and films from the entire list of ceremonies. Wedding photography is not common at all, and it comes in a variety of styles and shoots that are tailored to the clients' preferences. And our crew is always looking for new ways to improve the wedding photos we perform so that they may come up with new ideas every day. We can provide you with the most up-to-date and greatest wedding video and photographic ideas available in the Indian industry.

Wiggle Studio gave efforts for creating moments in your bridal shoot, Groom Shoot, Couple Shoot, we are top wedding photographers in Patna based on the type of photography that we offer, We are very dedicated and committed towards making our clients events in to a memories for life time through their creativity and hard work And very well stuffed with all the latest technology and equipments which is very essential for a perfect wedding Cinematography. wiggle Studio! Amazing Wedding Photographer in Patna. Do You Need a Creative, Skilled Wedding Photographer in Patna? Contact Us for Details Now. A Trusted Wedding Photographer in Patna. Call Wiggle Studio.

What are the various services offered by wedding photographers from Patna?

Wedding photographers nowadays provide a variety of services, including:-

  • Traditional photography - It is said that "old is gold." Traditional photography is still preferred by many couples. Our wedding photographers have excellent portraits in traditional photography that will assist the bride and groom in posing in the best possible manner to capture the perfect shot.

  • Candid photography -Are you fed up with posing? Do you wish to take images in a natural way? Then our candid photography wedding album shoot is for you. We'll capture the genuine emotional moments for you, and there will be no posturing involved in the photography. If you want your wedding images to reflect your true emotions and joy, candid photography is the way to go. Instead of conventional positions, wedding photographers use candid photography to capture your natural and spontaneous moments.

  • Candid photography -Are you fed up with posing? Do you wish to take images in a natural way? Then our candid photography wedding album shoot is for you. We'll capture the genuine emotional moments for you, and there will be no posturing involved in the photography. If you want your wedding images to reflect your true emotions and joy, candid photography is the way to go. Instead of conventional positions, wedding photographers use candid photography to capture your natural and spontaneous moments.

  • Pre-wedding shoots -Weddings are incomplete without a pre-wedding shoot. We offer the best pre-wedding shoots in Patna, and we guide everything from concept development to site selection to costume and makeup artist. There are so many various themes to choose from that your pre-wedding photography will never be the same as your friends' or cousins'. The trend of getting pre wedding shots done before wedding festivities start has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Couples nowadays choose different themes for pre-wedding sessions and may choose to photograph in exotic locations.

  • Bridal portraits Shoots -Bridal portrait shoots are in trend these days. Brides adore this style of photography since it is entirely focused on bride. Beautiful pictures will always make people crazy about your beauty. Our photographers have the best creative ideas for photographing you in your bridal wear. Bridal portraits pictures looks absolutely stunning. These days, the trend of clicking beautiful bridal portraits is becoming a rage among brides. Wedding photographers are also experimenting and clicking some unique bridal portraits.

  • Aerial/Drone photography -Drone photography is a new idea to get the best clicks of your wedding from aerial position. A drone can capture the best pictures of the celebration. And we can bet you'll love the cinematic touch you add to your wedding album. We have experienced Drone Photographers in our team for providing excellent service. This is the latest trend we have spotted in wedding photography. Wedding photographers use drones to click wedding pictures from the above and for recording the wedding videos in the most cinematic way.

  • Albums -Wedding albums are loved by all couples because they want to keep their wedding memories in motion. Wedding albums follow a variety of patterns from traditional to modern. We have many wedding album concepts ready. Your wedding album will be a part of the photography package we offer. Wedding albums are extremely important and must be carefully kept. So that the bride and groom can relive the special moments of their wedding day over and over. Wedding photographers frequently include a wedding album with their Package.

Can I find wedding photographers in my locality?

Though it's more important to search for a good candid wedding photographer than searching for one in your locality. Wiggle Studio professional photography studio in your locality provide best wedding photography services in Patna.

How to find budget wedding photographers in Patna?

You're looking for the best wedding photographers in Patna, but you're not sure which one is best for your budget. Don't worry, we have different packages according to your budgets. Most of the budgeting variables depend upon the size and type of the wedding. Each wedding film is customizable and our shortest films have a price range of INR 60k – 4L and the longest can go unto INR 10L.We take into consideration a lot of factors including your story, personality and how much of the wedding you want to remember. The cost also depends upon the size of crew and is inclusive of other talent. Added services such as a personalized soundtrack, 360 videos, arial videography, on-site edits and any other special requirements would be an additional cost. Having said that, each wedding is unique and your films could cost a little less, or much more. Our approach to film-making and budgeting isn’t quite as cut dry as a ‘package’ or ‘fixed price’. So whether you’re having a Bollywood style grand production or an intimate backyard wedding, we’d like to treat it with the poignancy and grandeur it deserves. Write to us and we’ll do our best to make it work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) include the following:

  • What are the services provided by wedding photographers in Patna?
    Wedding photographers in Patna provide a wide range of services. From pre-wedding shots to candid photography, or traditional photography to drone/aerial photography for weddings.

  • How much does a wedding photographer in Patna charge for a day?
    Different wedding photographers in Patna offer different charges. Some of them are budget photographers, charging less than Rs. 60,000 a day, while others charge a premium cost, ranging from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 2,00,000. Most of the budgeting variables depend upon the size and type of the wedding.

  • What are the latest trends in wedding photography?
    Monotone photography - Monotone or black and white pictures have an old charm which makes them stand out beautifully. That’s why wedding photographers are opting for monotone pictures more especially for bridal portraits.

    Phone photography - Selfies and candid pictures are clicked by most of people using their phone camera. As nowadays, all the latest phones comes with best camera features and give best quality pictures like DSLR cameras.

    Pre wedding Photography - Pre wedding shoots and videos have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Most of the brides and grooms opt to get done pre wedding shoot prior to wedding madness begins. They also get to spend a lot of time together while doing pre wedding shoot. These days, many couples are choosing exotic and offbeat locations for their pre wedding shoot pictures.

    Drone photography - Nowadays, aerial or drone photography trend is all in the rage among brides and grooms. Drones also helps wedding photographers in capturing the cinematic shots and candid moments of Indian wedding.

  • Should one book a common wedding photographer for both sides?
    Well, if both the families are comfortable then you can book one wedding photographer to cover from both the bride and groom side. It also helps in saving some of the wedding photographer cost and you have to pay for only half of the total cost. But make sure to check whether the wedding photographer you are hiring has enough resources and a big team. How much is the charge for drone photography for weddings?

  • How much is the charge for drone photography for weddings?
    Many wedding photographers offers drone photography services but the charges for it varies. Some offers it as part of the whole package and some charges separately, so make sure to check and confirm the extra rates prior to booking.

What important questions to ask before finalizing your Indian wedding photographers in Patna?
After shortlisting few of the professional wedding photographers in Patna for your wedding as per your budget. You should meet the wedding photographers team and ask a few important questions before finalizing and putting up the booking amount. For example:-

  • What kind of photography styles do wedding photographers specialize in - These days number of photography styles are in trend as we explained above. Right from monotone to drone photography or the famous candid photography, couples are experimenting with their wedding picture. So, always make sure to ask the team what kind of photography styles do they specialize in

  • What is included in your photography package - Although, most of the wedding photographers in Patna offers both photo and videography services. But we still advise you to check and confirm with the team whether both services are included in the photography package or not. Also, ask if you need to pay any extra charges for wedding album and video or not.

  • What various wedding photography services are provided by the team - These days, different wedding photography services like pre wedding shoot, save the date or e-invite video, bridal portraits, getting ready shots etc. are provided by the wedding photographers. So, it’s always good to ask beforehand what various wedding photography are provided.

  • What is included in the total fee amount - Always, make sure to ask the team of wedding photographer what is included in the total fee amount and whether any extra overhead charges have to pay by you like some of the professional wedding photographers charges for overtime shoot. This is very important especially if you are looking for budget wedding photographers.

  • When will you get the wedding photographs - We all have excitement to see our final wedding photographs. So, ask the wedding photographers when will they be able to deliver the final pictures.

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